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Banking & Finance Industries

Allsoftgo provides innovative IT solutions and services tailored for banks and financial institutions to better manage their work.

Banking Software & IT Services for Banks

Allsoftgo provides pragmatic fintech solutions and financial software development for banks, financial institutions, insurance, and other wealth management entities, aiming to help them to strengthen security, automate working processes, comply with regulations, and eliminate business risks. With the help of our IT experts, who are armed with professional financial knowledge, you will obtain the best solutions to satisfy your specific fintech needs.

Our core banking platform is designed to integrate financial technologies and is built for the new era of open banking. It has the advantages of being fast, flexible, and scalable.

Provide Smooth Services with Lasting Impact

The purpose of our core platform is to reduce redundancy, simplify operations and ensure that customers can focus on high-value tasks.

  • Remove unwanted background processes
  • Simplify management methods
  • Integrated solutions
  • Ensure maximum reliability
Banking & Finance Industry

Future-Oriented Core Banking Software

Allsoftgo’s banking software helps your business to move forward. By unlocking the full potential of data, you can adapt to the rapidly changing business environment and quickly launch new services.

  • Data Consistency
  • Our unified semantic models can ensure data consistency and integrity. They could be used to support all of your customers, from retail depositors to ultra-high net worth individuals.

  • Flexible Modular Platform
  • We provide core banking software modules and digital solutions for customers: from fast web and mobile services to reliable, efficient, and economical mid-end and back-end office solutions.

  • High Efficiency
  • We maintain high efficiency and flexibility when we provide customized services. It can help customers stand out from competitors.

  • Completely Secure Data
  • The core of our work is to protect customers from the risk of data loss. As more and more information is digitized, data security becomes the cornerstone of success in the era of big data.

How Does Allsoftgo Realize Business Value?

Allsoftgo integrates modern network technology with traditional functions to provide solutions that meet changing consumer needs. We have successfully developed a full-cycle solution that offers competitive advantages for your financial business.

Innovation Acceleration

Allsoftgo’s team will guarantee your satisfaction at all product life cycle stages, including product design, architecture construction, and technical implementation, and support related business processes.

Business Transformation

Allsoftgo’s development team uses consulting-led approach and proprietary models to develop various business transformation strategies, aiming to lead financial institutions to take effective business participation.

Effective Operation

Allsoftgo helps financial businesses in maximizing efficiency and minimize expenditures. We enable our customers to build superior technologies to support their business, integrate existing authorization systems and reduce quality assurance costs.

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