Cloud Technology

Cloud is the basic technology of digital transformation. It supports the entire transformed digital ecosystem to have immediate access to resources and digital services.

By designing and implementing cloud technologies and services, we use the digital transformation of cloud to guide customers, thereby ensuring the highest level of security.

Our Value Proposition

We adopt a hybrid cloud model to meet the customers' demands for agility and flexibility in cloud computing. This model integrates 4 proprietary data centers with major hyperscale market cloud players to provide our multi-cloud products.

This product depends on our proprietary cloud service orchestration platform. The platform provides one-stop service for service configuration and purchase.

What services do you need?


Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service

Through the cloud market, we provide a complete suite of hybrid cloud services, public and private, managed and unmanaged, as an iteration of our traditional proprietary infrastructure and related hosting services.


Platforms as a Service

Platforms as a Service

We provide a proprietary horizontal development platform through our cloud market to achieve digital transformation and create new business services and solutions.


Software as a Service

Software as a Service

We leverage market and technical expertise to expand vertical services and transform proprietary solutions from internal deployment to cloud services.

What we do?

Discover Our Cloud Service

Discover Our Cloud Service

Develop our traditional infrastructure business into a complete set of hybrid cloud services, public and private, managed and unmanaged.

Discover Digital Enabler

Build up a digital economy ecosystem and enable us to develop and transform new services and solutions with a horizontal platform.

Discover Our Platform & Solutions

Use our market and technical expertise to expand our vertical products and transform proprietary solutions from internal deployment to cloud computing.

  • Flexibility
  • Operational reailience
  • Real-time scalability
  • Innovation
  • Low technological obsolescence
  • New application models
  • Saving investment costs
  • Ubiquitous access

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