Process Flow

  • Requirement Analysis

Our team starts working with getting all the necessary information and requirements from you about your prospects and difficulties. By doing this, we can understand everything you expect and want from your software.

  • Plan & Design Solution

Developing ERP software means following many effective components, such as current platform integration, data migration, infrastructure development, and continuous business. We formulate a complete design plan for every client's novel business terms.

  • Software Development

After successfully designing the ERP system, we move towards the next step, which is development. Our dedicated and qualified team of software developers, a project manager, QA engineers, and a business analyst lead this step.

  • Delivery and Deployment

As we have done with the development process, our team handles the flowless integration of the system with the current business process, necessitated data migration, and training employees. Our team is always open for you before, after, and during deployment.

  • Support and Maintenance

As ERP systems are dynamic, we know our clients' business processes can modify any time. Infizius offers complete customer support and constant system upgrades.

Why Choose Us?

  • Purpose-Built ERP for Manufacturing

Allsoftgo's business management system was designed for manufacturing from the beginning, containing the depth and breadth needed to minimize risks by staying in compliance with statutory and industry regulations.

  • Everything in One Place

Manage your financial, operational, and IT strategies in one system, connecting your shop floor to your top floor with end-to end production and supply chain visibility and control.

  • Seamless Connectivity

Allsoftgo ERP includes a fully integrated, flexible, configurable MES, standardizing your operations and ensuring that every change from the top floor is effortlessly dispatched to the shop floor, with no disruption to workflow.

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We are a professional, safe and stable custom software development service provider. No matter what size the project could be, we will spare no effort to provide you with the best quality products and alternative services.

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