A successful website should act as a communication channel between your business and your target audience. Instead of simply promoting a product or service, it should deliver memorable experiences. Building a positive lasting effect or feeling can encourage consumers to come back for the same experience or recommend it to others.

Our Services

Tech consulting

Our team takes off the pain of making technical decisions about your business-centered solution. Whenever in doubt or lacking expertise, we advise you on IT architecture, technology stack and functionality of your web application. Using our experience in building consumer- and business-focused solutions combined with business analysis practices, you get a technology partner on a way to success.

Web design

Turn complex business logic into an easy-to-use web solution. Our user experience & interface designers create catchy web interfaces with equal performance across browsers, devices, and OS. Via clickable prototypes see how the website will look like and test user interactions before moving to the development phase. We make sure that the UI of your web application will meet your users’ behavior patterns and solve your business issues.

Custom website development for enterprise

We work closely with you to create enterprise-level applications & web portals solving precise industry issues. Whether you need to optimize the workflows, speed up the communication between employees or resolve inefficiencies and bottlenecks, the ByteAnt team is ready to help. We apply our cross-industry expertise and custom web development services to deliver scalable & secure web portals. We are experienced in:

  • CRM, ERP and HRM systems;
  • SaaS & cloud-based portals;
  • Asset monitoring platforms;
  • App integration with current company

Web app development

ByteAnt team helps you to attract users and build loyalty with efficient web applications. With over 14 years in web app development, we assure the user-centered interface and mobile-ready nature of your application. We use robust back-end technologies to set a fast server response time and fast loading time for your solution. If the app content has to be regularly updated, we design your web application for flexibility and growth. Whatever market segment you target, we’ve got the necessary experience to help you out.

APIs development & integration

By adding 3rd party services to your website, we deliver a unique solution to solve your business issue. This allows us to cut the time & costs of developing the already existing services and avoid reinventing the wheel. Integrate marketing, booking or geolocation APIs into your app. We check the scalability & performance of those services before integrating them to make sure they fit well within your solution.

Continuous support & maintenance

Our developers monitor regularly the performance of your application and provide timely security updates. As a result, you can be sure that your web app functions properly and prevent any downtimes or breaches. Finally, once you need to add some new features, we offer custom website development & redesign to respond to growing market demands. Keep any software product SEO-friendly and secure over the years of functioning.

Website Development Workflow

1. Discovery

  • Initial Discussions

Coming to a collective understanding with our clients enables us to create websites that are tailored to their need and brand.

  • Project Plan

Once we have a vision for your project, our design team will present you with screen mock-ups, logo outlines, and other creative assets.

2. Development

  • Coding

Our full stack, in-house, development team will bring your idea to life in an efficient and timely manner. All code is custom.

  • Ongoing Meetings

Great communication is key to your project's success. We're all about keeping you in the loop, with regularly scheduled meetings and updates provided to you in real-time.

3. Testing

  • Client Review

It's not enough for us to be satisfied with the finished website- tell us what you think and how we can improve on the product and we’ll make adjustments.

  • Quality Asurance

As a web page is developed we assess site code to ensure everything functions exactly as expected and ensure it looks good on any screen size.

  • Bug Fixing

Although everything looks good we're not quite ready to launch yet. We take time to test the website to make sure everything is working right.

4. Release

  • Launch

We make sure everything you need from hosting to storage is set up and ready for launch. When everything is in order its time to take the website live!

  • Maintenance

We will make suggestions and improvements to your website based on your needs, changes in design standards, and analytics from usage.

Why Allsoftgo for Website Development Services?

  • Advanced Web Application

Our elite team of Web developers at Allsoftgo create feature rich progressive web applications that can render users with a native-app like experience. We build progressive web applications that can provide an enriched experience for the end users.

  • Front End and Back End Development

A feature rich front end and a robust back end are two important factors in determining the success of a web application. We use ASP.net, PHP, Python, Angular, VUE, React, AWS, AZURE, and the Google cloud experience behind the scenes to create
custom application interfaces for end users and provide exclusive management capabilities.

  • CMS Website Development

Allsoftgo provides high end CMS web development services to create high performance websites that can help you reach a larger audience. We offer CMS web development services in Wordpress. We can help you achieve good conversion for your website through our extensive CMS customization services.

  • E-Commerce Solutions

Allsoftgo has immense experience in creating extensively customized e-commerce applications that can easily fits the needs of specific industriein the digital marketplace. We can help you set up a fully functional online storeor expand existing technical capabilities.

  • Consistent delivery with the agile approach
  • Proven track record in building successful MVP

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We are a professional, safe and stable custom software development service provider. No matter what size the project could be, we will spare no effort to provide you with the best quality products and alternative services.

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