Comprehensive Big Data Development Services

Allsoftgo provides big data analytics consulting services to help enterprises integrate large amounts of data, and transform and analyze the data to make critical business decisions.
Our team has been using data science to extract key insights from customer data for a long time. Through statistics and machine learning, we know how to deliver the information you need for your big data projects.

Professional Big Data Intelligence Software Solutions

Seamless Big Data Technology

We provide various technologies in different programming languages, libraries and frameworks.
Programming language options: R, Java, Scala, and Python.
Framework options: TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch, and Apache Mahout.
Libraries: Theano, Azure ML Studio, Keras, etc.

Comprehensive Big Data Strategy

Allsoftgo’s big data consulting services can be used to evaluate your current skills, to further develop your capabilities, and to reveal the true value of big data on your business objectives.

Overcoming Challenges

Allsoftgo’s data analysts will thoroughly check the available data for unnecessary or duplicated content. Data cleansing is critical because it ensures that you have the best data to work with. You can also get more data from our suggestions to improve accuracy and reliability.

Efficient Data Analysis

Allsoftgo’s data consultants will closely monitor your data for anomalies. It is also important to distinguish between signal and noise, because eliminating noise helps to improve the overall accuracy of the model.

Customer Master Data Management

Allsoftgo has a unified overall customer view, which can provide a satisfactory customer experience. Therefore, Allsoftgo enables customer master data management across enterprise applications (such as CRM, ERP, or accounting) and ensures its accuracy and consistency.

Scalable Big Data Infrastructure

Allsoftgo’s software architects design powerful and high-performance big data solutions that leverage internal deployment and cloud-based data storage to ensure easy upgrades while staying within budget.

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