IoT Ecosystems for Connected Devices

IoT services include strategic consulting, development, data analysis and application management, and are designed to help organizations solve their business challenges and tap new revenue streams through IoT technology.

As an IoT solution provider, Allsoftgo provides customers with a full range of IoT services and helps organizations develop reliable and cost-effective solutions to address business challenges and technical barriers posed by IoT technology.

Our Value Proposition

With professional skills and rich experience in the Internet of Things, Allsoftgo’s IT experts combine robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence and advanced analytics together to help businesses deliver digital transformation.

We combine technological competence with our business knowledge. To realize the full potential of the Internet of Things and provide customers with tailored solutions, we employ an integrated perspective of analysis and design models based on systems, processes and the vertical business knowledge.

In this way, we are able to insert a vertical extension available within the territory of the market general IoT Cloud services on the platform.

Allsoftgo’s IoT services enable you to:

  • Discover and normalize different types of data sources (open data, data from IoT devices, corporate data, infrastructure data, etc.) to increase the knowledge base.
  • Create an open innovation zone to manage and develop new ideas in a single shared space.
  • Conduct dynamic modeling and data integration.
Allsoftgo provides full cycle IoT services to global clients.

Our IoT Development and Services

Retrieve Data from Your Devices

We have extensive experience in handling all types of communication and network protocols, hardware interfaces and sensors. We have designed smart solutions for endpoint devices and gateways that can collect data from any source, from connected industrial machinery to wearable devices. In this way, the data is standardized and stored securely in the cloud or pushed directly to the final receiver.

Process IoT Data in the Cloud

Allsoftgo’s team leverages their cloud computing expertise to quickly transfer a large amount of structured data to devices and applications, or store it in the cloud for seamless on-demand access. Our highly scalable cloud application aggregates sensor readings from your devices and processes them in batches or in real time. We built a customized IoT ecosystem to enable efficient H2M and M2M communication, allowing nodes to interact in a direct, cost-effective, and secure manner.

Monitor the IoT Ecosystem

Allsoftgo builds a powerful and easy-to-use admin panel and cloud dashboard that give you the complete control over the IoT ecosystem, data flow, and the infrastructure. With our IoT application, you can access and leverage viable IoT insights from any desktop or mobile device. Besides, with customized machine learning and business intelligence algorithms, our monitoring tools can analyze big data generated by sensors, visualize trends and improve your decision making.

We smoothly integrate edge devices, gateways and cloud platforms to provide you with a complete IoT ecosystem.

a complete IoT ecosystem

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