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We do our best to help education companies create the best user experience and enable learners to achieve a new level of success in learning.

The goal of eLearning development services is to create eLearning solutions such as LMS, LCMS, LXP and eLearning portals, which can help companies to reduce teaching costs and help learners to increase learning efficiency and participation.

Since the establishment, Allsoftgo has been building eLearning solutions for education companies to ensure the effective digital transformation of their teaching process, thereby increasing the returns on human capital investment.

Your Trusted Advisor

Allsoftgo has a team of professional staff who have expertise to provide on-demand insights and support your online projects in the following ways:

Custom Course Development

Custom Course Development

Allsoftgo has helped to develop highly participatory and immersive learning courses that influence learners’ behavior and improve their performance.

Digital Learning Technology

Digital Learning Technology

Allsoftgo can help you select, implement and manage digital learning technologies that fit your company’s development strategies.

Multiple Training Methods

Multiple Training Methods

Allsoftgo has helped to create a variety of online courses, the teaching methods of which can meet the learners’ needs to improve the learning effect.

Educational Application Development Service

Multifunctional solutions for education companies

Allsoftgo is confident and experienced to provide customized solutions that meet your needs, no matter how complex your business challenges are:

    Enterprise System Training and Development

  • ERP system
  • CRM system
  • Human resources system
  • Financial system
  • Manufacturing system
  • Custom system

    Learning and Performance

  • Custom course development
  • Digital learning technology
  • Content management learning
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Learning effect and evaluation

Main Functions of eLearning Software

Develop and Managet Learning Contents

  • Built-in content creation
  • Content annotation and intelligent search
  • Reusable content and templates
  • Multiple content types
  • Support SCORM, AICC, xAPI and LTI and other technical standards
  • Comply with industry standards

Learning Process Management

  • Independent arrangement of learning activities
  • Course automatic reminder and notification
  • Support various types of learning
  • Automatic registration for courses based on required skills
  • Online guidance (e.g., test, exam)
  • VR and AR simulator

Analysis and Report

  • Study history
  • Feedbacks collecting from learners
  • Content usage, user activity and performance evaluation dashboard

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