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Workflow Automation

Legal Management Workflow Automation

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  • Legal Spend Control

  • Matter Management

  • Accruals Management

Law Firm Management Software

  • Embedded Document Management
  • We implement embedded document management controls, enabling users to store, locate, and manage all matter-related documents in a centralized document database.

  • Court Diary Management
  • We apply court diary management modules to existing systems to update schedules daily so that legal professionals never miss a court date.

  • Account Management
  • We integrate account management systems with law firm management systems to enable complete visibility and control over expenses and account information.

Custom Legal Management Software Solutions

  • Law Firm Software Solutions
  • We develop fully integrated Law Firm Software Solutions to help legal practices manage their case-related information, departments, legal files, contracts, reports, and more to meet organization requirements.

  • Legal Management Mobile Applications
  • We engineer Legal Management Mobile Applications that enable legal professionals to build case lifecycles, delegate tasks within their team, share calendars and events, track notes, communicate with clients, and organize files.

  • Calendar & Events Management Solutions
  • We implement Calendar & Events Management Solutions, allowing legal practices to manage meetings, calendar invites, events, and client & internal communications in a centralized, organized platform.

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