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Allsoftgo provides a personalized social networking platform.

Social Media Application Development

Among all others, social media applications have become a significant part of the application market. Their number continues to grow since online social networking has become the most convenient and popular way to do social activities. Allsoftgo specializes in making customers' social media visible across all platforms. To grow a business, having a strong influence on social media platforms has become crucial. Powerful interactive content on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms provides brands with opportunities to attract customers in unprecedented ways.

A Social Network Tailored for You

Allsoftgo is capable of building custom social networking sites for customers with social media needs. We can help you customize the features of your social networking applications. If you are:

  • An existing business
  • Create customized social networking software in your industry and maximize consumer brand awareness.

  • A startup entrepreneur
  • If you have a strong idea for social networks - Allsoftgo’s designers and app developers can help you to make them come true.

Social Media Industry 1
Social Media Industry 2

Custom Social Media Community Platform

With years of experience in IT solution development, Allsoftgo’s team excels at social network development, providing tailored solutions to satisfy the clients’ target audience. Our social media software is optimized for mobile devices, and our apps ensure smooth performance. We have built customizable social networks for the following industries:

  • Activity Management
  • Sports
  • Tourism
  • News & Media
  • Automobiles
  • Healthcare
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • FMCG

Media Application Solutions

Social media has been essential in making us aware of our issues. Nowadays, compared with the web end, social media is apt to turn to mobile solutions to attract more audiences. Allsoftgo's social media solutions are:

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